Hey, Roberts Greibers here. I’ll give you a brief intro about my 7-year experience as a Python developer down the line – later in this post. 

But now I want you to scroll a bit more and dive right into Python regex groups and the Python regex example I’ve greatly detailed below. 

The following regex Python example is going to show you.. ⚠️

  • What actually is import re in Python and how you can use it!
  • How to THINK and come up with your own Python regex patterns
  • A real-life Python regex example (sent in by a reader of this blog post)

If you’ve been Google searching for Python re examples, you’ve found the RIGHT place!

Most regular expression Python examples you’ll find online are very theoretical, showing you just the concept of a regex capturing group.. but they don’t tell you how to THINK in order to come up with your own solutions – your own regex patterns.

In this post, I’ll take a real Python regex situation and explain what fundamental steps I take to come up with a solution. 🚀

And if you really think about it…

It’s the ONLY way for you to truly understand regex Python examples and use them for your benefit. You have to understand the fundamental process behind solving a Python problem.

So, if getting deeper into a real regular expression Python example sounds interesting to you – keep on reading!

I’m explaining the whole story of how I came to the following situation in Python where regex capture group was part of the solution down below! 👇🏻

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