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Can You Become A Remote Software Developer In 6 Months?

Have you ever embarked on a journey to learn something new, only to find yourself STUCK and discouraged along the way?

Learning to code can be a rewarding but challenging endeavor, especially when you face obstacles without proper guidance and support.

In this article, we delve into the experiences of Yuliia, a passionate learner who encountered both the frustrations and triumphs of learning coding. 🚀

By understanding Yuliia’s story, you’ll gain valuable insights into the importance of personalized support in the learning process.

Can You Become A Software Developer In 6 Months?

Becoming a software developer in just six months can be quite challenging, but it’s NOT impossible! It depends on your prior knowledge, dedication, and the time you can commit to learning and practicing coding.

While six months may not be enough time to become an expert software developer, it is possible to gain a solid foundation and start a career in this field.

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5 Secret Debugging Tools For Python And Django

Alright, Roberts Greibers here with another experience-based Python post.

I’ve been working professionally as a Python developer for more than 5 years and now I’m also helping people who are at the start of their careers (or in a similar position I was in) to become Python developers. 

I used to be a quality assurance engineer – manually tested website projects and mobile apps. (iOS, Android)

So I totally get how it is when you want to move away from your current role and get into a more profitable position, for example, become a Python/Django developer.  

What I’m about to show you in this post are five of the most important tools I used and my clients are using now (see a cut from a LIVE Zoom video call below) that made me look like a senior Python developer even though I was just starting to learn Python.

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