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Django: How Painful And Difficult It Is

Hello there!

Welcome back – or nice to have you for the first time!

Roberts Greibers here and in this post, I want to share with you how painful and difficult the Django framework is and how much Python is required for a Django developer position – this is especially important for Python beginners who are interested in becoming a Django developer. 

If you’re reading this post… 

And you’re seriously considering becoming a Python/Django developer

Starting from scratch and getting your very first Python/Django DEV job can make you feel a little lost -“Where to actually start?”

All these doubtful questions can come to your mind and you can start to feel unsure about yourself

If that sounds familiar, keep reading – this post is exactly for YOU!

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My 3 Unit Tests Tips In Python Django (REALLY Important!)

Good morning! Welcome back, Roberts Greibers here, and in this post, I want to talk about my three unit tests tips that have allowed me to get into writing unit tests in Python Django way faster, in a way more scalable way. 

These are unit tests tips that you will definitely need! 

Because when it comes to building a Python Django project you can’t build anything without having proper test coverage. 

If you like the idea of becoming a Python Django developer, building your own Django projects, writing professional code which is also covered with unit tests – this post is exactly for YOU!

These are tips that I literally use every day when I’m working on new features in Python Django and I wish I knew about them when I was just a beginner Python developer. 

I’ve been working professionally as a Python developer for more than 5 years now – and for the past couple of years, I’ve been working in the fintech industry, building a white label payment gateway product for a local company ( in Riga, Latvia. 

You can read more about my experience on my Linkedin here.

I’m also helping junior developers who are at beginning of their careers (see the LIVE mentoring call here) to take a shortcut and basically use my code examples, techniques I have collected over the years and apply them to their own projects to get their first Python Django job opportunities. 

In the end, what I’m about to give you here in this post is just a small portion of what I share with my clients.

But this will definitely help you write better Python scripts if you’re serious about becoming a Python/Django developer. 

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5 Secret Debugging Tools For Python And Django

Alright, Roberts Greibers here with another experience-based Python post.

I’ve been working professionally as a Python developer for more than 5 years and now I’m also helping people who are at the start of their careers (or in a similar position I was in) to become Python developers. 

I used to be a quality assurance engineer – manually tested website projects and mobile apps. (iOS, Android)

So I totally get how it is when you want to move away from your current role and get into a more profitable position, for example, become a Python/Django developer.  

What I’m about to show you in this post are five of the most important tools I used and my clients are using now (see a cut from a LIVE Zoom video call below) that made me look like a senior Python developer even though I was just starting to learn Python.

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