Are you tired of the same old routine, working tirelessly just to make ends meet? 

Do you dream of a higher income and a career that truly excites you? 

Well, I’ve got some good news for you.

I’ve been exactly where you are right now. 

I started my career as a Quality Assurance engineer, and after years of dedication and hard work, I made the transition to become a successful Software Developer. 

But that’s not all. 

For the past 3.5 years, I’ve been on a mission to help individuals just like you achieve their dream of becoming software developers and unlock a world of opportunities through the power of Python.

Is Python A High Income Skill?

Yes, it is! And today, I’m going to talk to you about a game-changing opportunity!

I’m going to share with you my strategies and methods that you could use to triple your income and transform your life!

Now, I know what you might be thinking..

“There are countless resources out there for coding already. How is this post different?”

Well, my friend, I’m glad you asked. 

This post isn’t just another tutorial or online course!

It’s a key to unlocking your potential as a software developer and taking your income to new heights. 

But what sets it apart? 

Let me break it down for you.

With over 7 years of experience as a software developer and 3.5 years of mentorship, I’ve been through the trenches. 

I know what it takes to not only land that developer role but excel in it. 

My journey from quality assurance to development was driven by determination and a thirst for growth. 

And now, I’m here to guide you along that path with this blog!

How To Get Hired As A Software Developer With No Experience?

To get hired as a software developer, you can’t just take a one-size-fits-all program and be done with it.

You need personalized mentorship designed to cater to your unique strengths, goals, and learning pace. 

My approach is to see where you’re already doing well and shine a light on the places where you’re lacking. 

The goal is to ensure you’re fully equipped to shine in interviews and on the job.

Ever wondered what it’s really like to work in the industry? 

I’ll share with you real-world insights, tips, and strategies that you won’t find in textbooks. 

From coding best practices to navigating the software development landscape, I’ve got you covered.

This process isn’t about learning Python syntax.

It’s about transforming your career and life. 

Imagine walking into a job interview with the confidence of a seasoned developer, armed with a portfolio of projects that showcase your skills. 

That’s the power of mentorship – you can’t find that in a undemy course for thirty bucks.

So, if you’re ready to leave behind the grind and embark on a journey towards higher income, exciting opportunities, and a fulfilling career, keep on reading!

Together, we’ll dive deep into the world of Python, unlock your full potential, and make your dream of becoming a successful software developer a reality!

How Fast Can You Learn To Be A Software Developer?

Here’s the thing…

I’ve been where you are right now!

I began my career as a Quality Assurance engineer, and after working my way up, I transitioned into a successful software developer role with over seven years of experience. 

But my journey doesn’t stop there. 

For the past 3.5 years, I’ve been mentoring individuals just like you, guiding them towards becoming confident Python developers and helping them secure high-paying jobs.

Let me introduce you to Yuliia, one of my successful mentees who completed my Python mentorship program. 

She’s living proof that with the right guidance and mentorship, you can achieve incredible results!

Yuliia’s story is just one example.

There are many studies that support the idea that software development is one of the highest-paid career choices.

The demand for skilled software developers is on the rise, and it’s projected to continue growing in the coming years.

The average income of a software developer is well above the national average.

But don’t just take my word for it – do your own research and discover the potential that lies within the software development industry.

If you’re still curious about my background and expertise, I invite you to explore my LinkedIn profile. 

There, you’ll find a detailed overview of my journey from QA engineer to experienced software developer and mentor. 

Why Do I Struggle To Learn Programming?

Now, I want to address something crucial..

Something you are probably asking yourself right now: 

⚠️ What’s holding me back?

⚠️ Why haven’t I tripled my income yet?

⚠️ Why am I still not a software developer?

You see, you’ve probably spent countless hours, maybe even years, trying to break into the software development world. 

And let me tell you something…

It’s NOT your fault that you haven’t succeeded yet. 

No, the REAL problem is NOT that you’re not smart enough. 

The REAL problem is NOT that you’re lazy, or that you haven’t put in the effort. 

🚨 The REAL problem is this—you’ve been doing it alone, without guidance tailored to you. 

You’re relying on tutorials, generic courses, or self-study.

But guess what?

The software industry is competitive, and these resources are generic. 

They’re not designed to fit your specific needs, strengths, and weaknesses.

But what if I told you there’s a NEW way that you can get out of this place?

Imagine having someone in your corner who’s already navigated through the difficulties of breaking into the software industry. 

Imagine not just learning to code, but learning how to think like a developer, how to problem-solve, how to excel in interviews, and yes, how to command a salary that you can be proud of!

Why Do I Struggle To Learn Programming?

That’s exactly what I do in my mentorship.

With weekly LIVE calls, you don’t just get access to courses—you get access to ME, to ask all those burning questions you can’t just Google. 

You see, when you study with a mentor, someone who’s been where you want to go, you’re not just learning. 

You’re evolving. 

You’re transforming from a hobbyist coder to a professional software developer who can not just survive, but THRIVE, in this competitive industry.

The REAL problem you can’t reach that next level in terms of your incoming and freedom is the fact that you’re trying to apply GENERIC advice to your custom situation. 

You need a way to transform yourself into the software developer you aspire to be, not just some generic Python syntax course. 

Anyone can learn coding syntax alone, but it’s not just about sytnax, it’s about understanding HOW TO THINK and solve problems like a software developer.

🚨 If this resonates with you, if you’re ready to end the cycle of frustration and unlock a new chapter in your life, keep on reading or better yet, send me an email at and tell me about your situation..

I’ll see if there’s anything I can help you with!

Your future self will thank you.

Can I Teach Myself Coding?

Let me share a bit about my story, which I believe will resonate with you.

You see, I started my journey in the tech world not as a developer, but as a Quality Assurance engineer. 

I’ve felt the frustration, the desire to break into the world of software development. 

Through passion, and continuous learning, I transformed my career and became a successful software developer. 

So when I say, “I get it” I truly do!

I’ve walked in your shoes.

Can I Teach Myself Coding?

Over the past 7 years, I’ve been actively involved in many projects as a software developer. 

The industry has its secrets, tricks, and methods that they don’t usually teach in typical courses. 

I’ve decided to step out and share these professional techniques with you. 

With over 7 years of professional software development experience and additional years for dedication for mentoring students, I’ve gathered a wealth of experience and insights. 

I don’t just teach Python, I live it every day!

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room. 

You’ve probably invested time and maybe even money in online coding bootcamps, video tutorials, and various resources, yet here you are, still feeling stuck. 

It’s not your fault. 

The real problem? 

The cookie-cutter approach these platforms take.

They claim to make everyone a ‘developer’, but in reality, they often miss out on critical industry techniques and the nuanced approach needed for individual growth.

online coding bootcamps

It’s about those who get real industry exposure against those who are stuck in an endless loop of GENERIC tutorials.

I cannot stress this enough: The tech industry is GROWING! 🚀

Every day you wait, the gap between where you are and where you want to be — becomes LARGER. 

There’s a high demand for skilled Python developers right now, but it’s also a highly competitive field. 

The longer you delay equipping yourself with the right skills and guidance, the further away you drift from that software development career. 

Don’t let another year slip away with unrealized dreams. 

Start today, and give yourself the best chance at a brighter, more fulfilling future.

What Is Most Important In Coding?

Honestly, the chance of you breaking through and getting a career in software development is just about 10% on your own.

Most people will tell you it’s not that hard…

But what they don’t consider is all the side effects – your energy, health, productivity, and all the other things in your life distracting you.

The amount of research you’d have to do to figure out WHAT EXACT STEPS you NEED to take to get hired as a software developer is just too much. 

So, yeah, I’d say it’s very unlikely you’re going to succeed ALONE.

This is the REASON I surrounded myself with way more experienced people at the beginning of my career.

I just learned WHAT they DID and how they DID it and repeated the STEPS they TOOK.

Woala success!

What Is Most Important In Coding?

When you have someone experienced guiding and helping you along the way the odds of success are way closer to 100%

Why such a difference you might ask?

Well mentorship isn’t just about sending over the documents and hoping you’ll understand them. 

It’s an active process. 

We hold LIVE Zoom calls where you and I dive deep into the challenges you’re facing, brainstorm solutions, and ensure you’re on the right track.

It’s like having a personal trainer but for coding!

We have a Discord community, where you can shoot over quick questions, share successes, and get timely advice. 

Plus, I’ll personally do video code review for your solutions so you can get real feedback.

One of the main reasons to learn from someone who is ahead of you is to get their TEMPLATES and SYSTEMS.


I never let anyone start completely from scratch.

What I do is I give all my templates of CODING patterns. 

These are the templates that I use myself, everyday.

These are proven tactics and efficient strategies to tackle various problems.

It’s like having coding secrets or cheet sheets that let you move forward FASTER!

You see that’s the difference..

When you’re doing things ALONE you have nothing and have to build everything from scratch yourself.

When you have someone way ahead of you giving you documents, videos and direct guidance where you can ask questions and clarify things it just fits all of the learning style no matter who you are which ensures almost 100% success rate. 

And it doesn’t matter if you’re a visual learner or someone who wants to take action right away – to get the best results at the end of the day you have to combine all of it. 

Can I Start Coding With No Experience?

Yes, and I’ve got something for you – so hear me out!

Now, if you’re still with me, I know you’re genuinely invested in transforming your career. 

And for those willing to take the next step?

Let’s talk about getting started.

First, let me offer something of REAL VALUE to you. 

If you truly want to navigate the roadmap to success, I want you to send me an email about where you’re at right now in your coding journey. 


Because if I can see potential in your story, you’re going to get a direct call from me.

Can I Start Coding With No Experience?

This is a one-on-one session, entirely for free. 

I’ve seen coding bootcamps charging a lot of money for similar service.

This is your chance to get personalized feedback and strategy for FREE.

And now you have to ask yourself WHAT IS THERE TO LOSE?

If you decide to stay the same, tomorrow will just be a repeat of today.

I don’t want to work with everyone. 

In fact, if you’re NOT passionate about shifting your career, don’t hit me up!

If the idea of putting in real work makes you hesitate? This isn’t your path. 

If you’re looking for shortcuts without dedication? Please, save us both the time.

Also, consider the moments slipping away.

Think about the financial stability, the experiences, and the impact on your family. 

It’s not just about money.

It’s about living a fulfilled life!

Your options right now are:

⚠️ One: Do nothing and hope things magically change. 

⚠️ Two: Dive into Python on your own and deal with the uncertainty, and hope for the best.

⚠️ Or three: Let someone, who’s been where you are, hand you the map. 

I want you to succeed, but you have to take the first step!

I'll help you become a Python developer!

If you're interested in learning Python and getting a job as a Python developer, send me an email to and I'll see if I can help you.

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Roberts Greibers

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