It’s Roberts Greibers here. I’ll tell you about myself in just a moment. 

But right now I want you to take a look at Yuliia’s Success Story video down below.

Yuliia recorded her success story right after getting hired as a Python developer in the US and this happened just after training in Python for 6 months. πŸš€

Most Python courses (especially Python Udemy courses) are filled with basic Python online training material. 

The mentoring method Yuliia followed is NEW and different…

It’s the ONLY type of Python training that can guarantee you’ll become a professional Python developer. 🐍

So, if the above sounds interesting to you, keep on reading, I’ll tell you the whole story of how Yuliia managed to become a Python developer in just 6 months! πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Why Mentoring Is Better Than Most Python Courses?

I call it “Mentoring” because it gives you a chance to talk to a professional Python developer (LIVE Zoom Calls, discussing Python code through text messages, etc.)

And have the ability to learn Python in a totally different way than most Python Udemy courses suggest you do…

Learn Python Coding Without Udemy Courses

Regular Python For Beginners Course (The Untold Truth)

See, the thing with Python for beginners, basic Python courses or online tutorials with training in Python is – they all give you a few videos with basic programming in Python, a solution for it and you basically go through the content on your own.

That’s nice and all in the beginning stages of Python learning, but once you get past basic Python courses you most definitely still don’t know how to develop proper Python software on your own. 

Let alone pass any technical interviews. 

Mentoring Is Not A Udemy Python Course

Mentoring is not about having an online course with a few basic situations. 

It’s about throwing you into real situations that you’d have to face anyway once you get hired as a Python developer and go through them together with a mentor.

In the end, the goal is to actually get you to the point where you don’t need a mentor to write your own Python code without mistakes. 

It’s about setting you up for a professional Python developer career.

Learn Python Coding In 6 Months (Yuliia’s Story)

How to learn Python in 6 months and get hired as a Python developer?

Honestly, to learn Python coding in just 6 months and also get hired you have to invest a lot of time and energy – but it’s POSSIBLE if you’re willing to work for it! πŸ”₯

Yuliia spent just a little bit more than 6 months learning Python, about 6 weeks looking for jobs and she got HIRED!

Now, check the video down below to see what Yuliia had to say after going through the mentoring process, learning Python coding properly, and getting hired. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Yuliia’s Testimonial Video (Full Story)

Click on the video ( play button ▢️ ) down below and listen to Yuliia’s story in full length.

After watching the video, scroll down for more details and I’ll tell you exactly how Yuliia got her job offer!

Yuliia’s video was also posted on my Linkedin profile and this is what Bashobi, another student of mine commented. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Another student of Python Mentoring congratulates Yuliia on Linkedin
Another student of Python Mentoring congratulates Yuliia on Linkedin

How Yuliia Started Training In Python 

Yuliia didn’t waste any time, she sent me an email to explaining her situation right after reading one of my blog posts.

You can do the same and simply start by reaching out to me through any of my contacts available here on this blog.

For example, here’s the actual email message from Yuliia. πŸ“§

How Yuliia Started Training In Python (The Mentoring Process)

Online Training In Python Discord Server

Not that long after we started to work together on Yuliia’s goal of becoming a Python developer, she noticed a very important difference that most Udemy Python courses are missing.

In the beginning, the process might seem similar to how you would learn coding in Python Udemy courses, but it actually isn’t the same. 

And I’ll tell you why in a second… Take a look at the screenshot of our Python discord server where Yuliia is asking about one of the Python programming problems she’s having… πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Yuliia asking Python debugging questions in a Python Mentoring discord server
Yuliia asking Python debugging questions in a Python Mentoring discord server

Mentoring process is designed in a way you have to deal with real situations that will appear once you get hired as a Python developer. 

You’ll get all the necessary help and guidance, but you’ll be solving problems yourself.

A snippet from our WhatsApp conversation ( Yuliia’s voice message recording πŸ”‰ ). πŸ‘‡πŸ»

In the screenshot below, Yuliia is referring to the fact that she already faced the same programming problem in Python a while back (see video above).

But just the fact that she had the same problem again, thrown her way – made the Python learning process WAY BETTER. 🐍

Yuliia appreciates Python mentorship structure
Yuliia appreciates Python mentorship structure

🚨 And this is a GAME CHANGER, most Udemy Python courses just show you the answer, but don’t explain how to think in order to get to the answer on your own

Checkout, here’s another cut from one of our LIVE Mentoring calls.

This is what happens right after learning Python fundamentals properly and applying them to real feature development… πŸ”₯

A couple of months into basic Python coding I started to give Yuliia more and more advanced Django-related features to work on. Yuliia actually started to develop her own website project with Python and Django. 

It’s easy to learn Python basics from Udemy Python courses and just do simple programming in Python, but that’s not what real companies are looking for.  ❌

Real tech companies work on real tech projects and most of the time anything you’ve learned in Udemy courses is not going to cut it for you. 

🚨 In the video cut from one of our LIVE Mentoring calls below Yuliia expressed how having a step-by-step structure where new Python training topics are brought into the process only after the first part has settled in your head is the best approach to learn coding in Python.

Learn Coding In Python By Debugging

Debugging in Python in itself can be frustrating at times. 😩

I remember very well how hard it was for me in the beginning to code in Python when I didn’t know anything and just Google searched the whole time to find solutions to my problems. (Not the best approach to be honest)

I spent hours and hours just trying to figure out programming problems on my own with no help.

It was very frustrating in the beginning.

It takes a lot of time to find solutions to Python programming issues if you’ve never dealt with some of them ever before. 

BUT… πŸ‘‡πŸ»

It takes just a few minutes for someone with more experience to guide you in the right direction. 

This happened to me when I started out and the same thing happened to Yuliia. 

Luckily, Yuliia eventually had me help her out and she managed to get ahead way faster.

🚨 In the LIVE call video below we discussed how the process of debugging in Python can be difficult if you’re working on your programming problems alone. 


☝🏻 Support is what no Udemy Python course will ever provide for you.

Code reviews are actually the most important PART of training in Python.

If you ever noticed, most Python programming concepts are very well documented online

So the REAL question is…

Why is it still so hard for people to become successful Python developers?

Essentially, the information is one Google search away..

So you got to ask yourself, why aren’t you a developer yet then?

From my own experience, I know NOT EVERYTHING is available in documentation online AND…

…there are concepts that can be only explained by someone else to you when they see you’re making an obvious mistake.

And that is what’s mostly holding people back from becoming successful Python developers.

In Python Mentoring with Yuliia, we not only had LIVE Zoom calls every week with code reviews…

🚨 But we were constantly debugging code together through WhatsApp or Discord, here are some of the screenshots from our debugging sessions πŸ‘‡πŸ»

(use arrows β¬… ➑ to swipe screenshots)

Python Developer Resume Preparation

Another very important step after actually learning Python coding is to have a SOLID Python developer resume. 

Programming in Python – the skills of developing proper software alone…

…is not going to get you the job! 🚨

You’d be surprised to hear the amount of awful, totally unprofessional resumes I’ve seen.

One of the biggest steps in Python Mentoring with Yuliia was to prepare her resume and actually make sure she’s able to SCHEDULE INTERVIEWS!

We actually wrote her resume together and sent it out for testing.

We had a hiring manager from Amazon look at Yuliia’s resume and review it. 

(see screenshots of resume feedback coming from the Amazon hiring manager down below)

Once we got her resume approved, Yuliia started to apply for jobs. (The story continues in the next section below…)

Here are some of the WhatsApp conversations we had when we were working on writing her Python developer resume. 

(use arrows β¬… ➑ to swipe screenshots)

Interview Questions For Python

🚨 THE NEXT STAGE – learn Python questions and answers

Right after having a solid Python developer resume – ONLY when you know it already works and you’re able to schedule interviews for Python developer positions…

…is to actually PASS THE INTERVIEW you’re faced with.

This can be quite challenging if you’ve never dealt with a single Python interview question in your life. 

And there is a variety of Python code interview questions that can be thrown at you. 

In order to prepare yourself you need to:

  • Understand Python code interview structure and process
  • Know the exact Python questions and answers (preferably with the CORRECT answers)
  • You need to constantly practice by scheduling new interviews and receiving new Python code interview questions
  • You need someone to review your interviews (preferably interview recordings to see where you’re making mistakes)

Together with Yuliia, we did all of the steps mentioned above.

And the results were incredible.. πŸ”₯ I’ll tell you about them in just a second… 

Here are a couple of screenshots from WhatsApp when Yuliia got her first scheduled interviews and we started to prepare for Python code interview questions. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

(use arrows β¬… ➑ to swipe screenshots)

Job Offers For Python Programmers

Before you spend 6 months on any “How To Learn Python” course…

… you must be SURE – is it all even worth it? πŸ€”

Before you start, the first questions you should be asking are …

What jobs can you get with Python? 

Or what jobs use Python?

🚨 HERE’S THE ANSWER – listen to one of the WhatsApp voice recordings Yuliia sent me towards the end of the mentoring – here’s the proof of HOW MANY PHTHON JOB OPPORTUNITIES can come your way if you play your cards right πŸ‘‡πŸ»

As you’ve heard from the Yuliia’s voice recording above – there are a lot of Python developer career opportunities, the exact choice is all up to you.

I personally enjoy web development and know for sure it’s the easiest to start training in Python with.

On the other hand, here’s Yuliia at the start of her career in Python programming..

She was very keen to start a career in Python and she managed to get there in just 6 months.

What Yuliia does a couple of years down the line with Python is up to her choice.

🚨 Here are a couple of WhatsApp screenshots from the day Yuliia finally received her offer for a career in Python πŸ₯³

(use arrows β¬… ➑ to swipe screenshots)

From the last conversations we’ve had, it sounds like Yuliia is going to slowly move into..

.. AI and machine learning. πŸ€–

You see, understanding the basic programming in Python and managing to solve problems is just the start.

After you get into the Python developer career you can choose between a lot of Python programming careers. 

πŸ₯³ Happy to hear the grateful appreciation from Yuliia here in this last WhatsApp voice recording.

We both achieved A LOT OF RESULTS in just 6 months just as she mentions and I was happy to work with her, listen to the whole message below.. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

If You’re NOT A Python Developer Yet

It’s NOT your fault… πŸ™…πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ

That’s because every other “Python for beginners” course or the typical Python Udemy courses that I’m aware of are with NO support, NO feedback and NO code reviews.

The moment you get stuck, there’s no one to HELP YOU!

If you write any code based on the course material, you’re never sure it’s correct.

If your story is similar to Yuliia’s, I’m pretty sure you don’t have a structure, a system to follow to even know how to get to the point where you could get hired.

I’m guessing, you’re just blindly doing Python tutorials online and hoping to get hired at some point, but that’s not how the REAL world works. I’m sorry.

Having a mentor with way more experience by your side is totally different…

Python code reviews - The most important part of Mentoring

🚨 To be honest with you, learning Python with a mentor is the ONLY way you’ll make any noticeable progress.

See, the thing with developers is that we teach each other how to become better through conducting code reviews.

Usually, more experienced developers do code reviews and write comments for code written by less experienced developers.

In the process, less experienced developers learn a lot and improve over time.

When you start your journey of becoming a Python developer, you don’t have this type of support and feedback.

You don’t have anyone to tell you:

  • What steps to follow
  • Show what mistakes are you making
  • Give you suggestions on what to even learn and get better at (exposing your blind spots)

And in the end, you just keep on spinning your wheels, never actually getting anywhere..

Yuliia was stuck in this situation, I was stuck in a similar situation when I started and I’m pretty sure you’re stuck too just because of not having the right guidance.

How To Learn Python (The Fastest Way)

I used to be in your situation (see my Linkedin profile – I started as a QA engineer, but always wanted to be a Python developer)

I didn’t know what steps to take, I didn’t know if my code is even good.

And I also wasted time with Python Udemy courses that didn’t bring me any results.

(Please, avoid my mistakes, learn from them)

Python mistakes - avoid my mistakes, find a mentor

Now, a couple of years later, after having worked with tons of experienced Python developers, I’ve gathered all the necessary knowledge. 

  • I know exactly what STEPS TO TAKE to get hired as a Python developer.
  • I know exactly how to do the job as a Python developer perfectly and get a salary increase, promotions, etc. (I’ve done it multiple times already)
  • I know every little SECRET Python developers do to improve their careers, get higher salaries and have better lives overall.

But this took me YEARS

.. Just because I had to find mentors and still figure out a lot of missing parts on my own. 

It doesn’t have to take years for someone like Yuliia, you could easily become a Python developer in months if you put in the work.

Start Learning Python Today (No Excuses)

Why most people fail to ever become a Python developer is they WAIT.

They wait for a miracle ✨ to happen. 

Ahh, I’m tired – I’m gonna do some coding tomorrow… or maybe the day after tomorrow…”

And the cycle repeats, months go by, years go by… 

You can become 37.78 times better in Python in a single year
You can become 37.78 times better in Python in a single year

Let me tell you a secret – you’ll never feel perfectly READY!

You must start NOW, today!

I never felt “ready to code” after working as a QA engineer for 8 hours a day, having university homework, etc. I just started to learn Python (build projects in Python) every day as much as I could.

And as time went by I got better and better. 

Make a decision to work on your Python coding skills for an entire year and just focus on this goal. 


Get Mentored By A Python Developer

🚨 ARROGANCE is what holds back a lot of people (including me back in the day)

The amount of time I wasted doing stupid, useless (still coding-related) activities that would not directly lead me to become a Python developer.. 

The amount of time I lost just because I had no one to show me:

  • The right TOOLS to use for debugging and in difficult coding situations.
  • The right way to structure my code and architecture of a Python project. 

I wish I could take that time back, but it’s just gone now.. 

So you have 3 options here:

  • Do nothing, be lazy, and just live your life the way you have lived it so far. ❌
  • Learn Python by yourself and waste a ton of time – definitely will take you years to come to the same conclusions/tactics I’ve come to years ago.  ❌
  • Or just find a mentor to show you EXACTLY WHAT TO DO! βœ…

If you decide you want to have a mentor to help you out on your journey, find my contact details below and get in contact with me. πŸ‘‡πŸ»

Tell me about your situation and I’ll see if there’s anything I can do to help you.

🚨 I’m really busy these days so don’t waste my time if you’re not serious about your career in Python.

If you’re too lazy to put in the work for your Python skills no company will ever hire you and I can’t do anything about it.

If you’re serious about your career in Python 🐍, START TODAY by sending me a detailed explanation of your situation.

We might jump on a FREE consultation call where I’ll tell you exactly what you need to do in your specific situation if I’ll see potential in you.

Talk to you soon!

I'll help you become a Python developer!

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